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Red RF Wireless interconnect 10 year Lithium battery powered
$145/alarm installed

Clipsal 240V mains hardwired with 9V battery back up
$149/alarm installed

Clipsal 240v mains hardwired with 10 year rechargeable battery
$169/alarm installed

Please note:

➤This is an indicative quote for a typical standard Qld property based on the questionnaires you have filled in.

➤Smoke alarm types (240V hardwired or wireless 10 year Lithium battery powered) and interconnection method would be decided based on the structure and layout of the property. (for example, when there is no ceiling access, then the wireless 10 year Lithium battery powered smoke alarms would be installed)

➤If there are any existing hard wired smoke alarms installed in the property, you only pay for the replacement cost for them (To be photoelectric and interconnected to the new installs) rather than paying for a new install.

➤Any cost variations will be quoted before works commences.

➤All smoke alarms we install compliant to AS3786:2014

➤5 years manufacture warranty on all products we install