Smoke Alarm Installation in Queensland

New regulations for existing residential properties in Queensland make smoke alarm installation and upgrades even more important than ever before. Ozsafe Smoke Alarms offers the highly skilled and professional technicians you need to ensure the safety of your home and family as well as full compliance with the new rules. Whether you own the house you live in or are a landlord who rents to tenants, compliance with the fire safety regulations matters.

Enjoy exceptional quality smoke alarm installation in Cairns for single-family homes and rental properties alike. Chances are that your old smoke detector is not as efficient or effective as you want. It may not even comply with the latest AS3786:2014 legislation . According to the new legislation, you need an interconnected smoke alarm by 1st January 2022 for your rental properties. This gives you only a few months left to have the installation or upgrade completed.

What Do Smoke Alarms Detect?

As the name implies, these high-tech detectors look for any sign of smoke in the air. Unlike old-fashioned fire alarms, they do not rely on heat sensors that would only trigger after a fire is present. With the power of precision photoelectric detectors, these alarms can determine if there is even a tiny amount of smoke in any room. This is done with safe and efficient LED bulbs.

The benefit of this type of detection system comes down to early warnings of potential fire. Smoke often occurs before a true conflagration, so you will have sufficient warning to grab a fire extinguisher or to get you and your family outside safely.

What Are the Benefits of Interconnected Smoke Alarm Installation?

Queensland now requires all rental properties to have interconnected, photoelectric alarms from 1st Jan 2022. The designation of interconnected means that if one smoke alarm goes off, every other one in the house will, too. This is an essential safety feature so that everyone can hear and react to the problem as quickly as possible. The last thing you want is for someone in the kitchen to get a notification of smoke or fire but the people in upstairs bedrooms to get no warning at all.

The whole purpose behind these new rules for smoke alarm installation in Queensland is to keep you, your family, and your property safe. Quick warnings that cover the whole home also help decrease response time from the authorities because you will know about the presence of smoke before it reaches other parts of the house or your neighbor’s property.

Use this convenient tool on the Queensland Fire Brigade website to determine if you need to replace or upgrade your existing system:

Ozsafe Smoke Alarms has everything you need to meet and exceed regulations for interconnected, photoelectric smoke detectors. We carry only the best and most reliable brands and varieties of both wired and wireless devices that suit your particular home and needs. Do not wait another day to protect your family and property from the horrible risk of smoke damage and house fires.