Once off inspeciton service

Suitable for legal requirements of property sales, or if you want to have your smoke alarms checked, cleaned and tested and keep them healthy.

Annual service plan

This plan ensures the smoke alarms in your properties compliant to the current legislation, they will be cleaned, tested annually.

2022 Compliance plan

This plan ensures the smoke alarms installed legislatively compliant to the 2022 QLD new legislation.

√ All smoke alarms must be Photoelectric smoke alarms

√ All smoke alarms must be interconnected

√ All smoke alarms must be positioned in all required rooms correctly


Services pricing

Pricing Schedules

√ 9V Battery powered Photoelectric smoke alarm installation—$29 each

√ existing 240v Photoelectric smoke alarm replacement—$95 each

√ 240v Photoelectric smoke alarm installation—$129 each

Above pricings are for the current QLD smoke alarms legislation