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Introducing the smoke alarms remote controller

As the technology develops, we also have some great inventions for smoke alarms, we will introduce this smoke alarms controller in this blog. As a smoke alarms service and installation provider, we highly recommend this smoke alarms controller to the property owners in Cairns. This smoke alarms controller is proud to have the following convenience: […]

Cairns smoke alarm installation tips and thoughts

Ozsafe Smoke Alarm Service

When talking about smoke alarm installation or upgrade in Cairns, what should we consider? In our everyday jobs, there are some questions our clients always ask, so let’s talk a bit more on these frequently asked questions on the smoke alarm installation. We summarize some of these questions on the smoke alarm installation. Which type […]

How to choose the right smoke alarms for my property in Cairns?

How to choose the right smoke alarms for installation for my properties in Cairns? For any Cairns properties, the smoke alarms installed must be photoelectric smoke alarms rather ionization type, and must not be older than 10 years. The smoke alarms must be compliant to AS3768:2014 for any Cairns properties. For home occupiers in Cairns, […]