Introducing Red smoke alarms

As the business expands, Ozsafe smoke alarm service Pty Ltd is happy to introducing the use of Red Smoke Alarms.

All Red smoke alarms are photoelectric, of the highest quality and certified to Australian Standard AS3786:2014.

Ozsafe smoke alarms is now using the following Red products:

  1. RF wireless interconnection smoke alarms with 10 year battery
  2. 240V mains hardwired smoke alarms
  3. wireless interconnection bases
  4. smoke alarms remote controller

Click here to read more about Red smoke alarms.

Red smoke alarms
Red smoke alarms

Ozsafe smoke alarms take the advantage of the high quality products and advanced technology, to provide our customers with the most reliable services.

Ozsafe smoke alarms now provide our customer the following services to make our customer’s property comply to the latest legislation.

  1. smoke alarms installation, upgrade
  2. smoke alarms annual service

Click here to review the smoke alarms services and upgrade we provide for properties in Cairns.

Ozsafe smoke alarms



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