Introducing the smoke alarms remote controller

As the technology develops, we also have some great inventions for smoke alarms, we will introduce this smoke alarms controller in this blog. As a smoke alarms service and installation provider, we highly recommend this smoke alarms controller to the property owners in Cairns.

smoke alarm controller
smoke alarms controller

This smoke alarms controller is proud to have the following convenience:

The silence function. When one of the smoke alarm goes off, all the interconnect smoke alarms will go off, you can imagine how loud the noise would be, but with this smoke alarms controller, you can simply press the silence button and cease the noises.

To test. We recommend tenants or home occupiers to test their smoke alarms monthly, simply press the test button on this smoke alarms remote controller, then they will all go off, so you could check one by one, to see if they are working properly, after the smoke alarms test, just press the silence button, they will all stop make the beeping noise, easy as!

The locate function. As we will have interconnect smoke alarms in the bedrooms and hallways, it would be difficult to find which one triggers the false alarms, by pressing the locate button on the smoke alarms controller, after 3 seconds, all other interconnect smoke alarms will stop alarming and flashing except for the source smoke alarm. so you can easily locate where it is.

Please keep in mind! This smoke alarms controller is great for test and silence the smoke alarms in a false alarm situation. When the smoke alarms go off, always check first and make sure if there is a fire or not, if there is a fire, evacuate from the premises immediately and ring 000 for help.

We had recorded and uploaded a video on YouTube showing how the smoke alarm controller works.

More information for this smoke alarm controller, please refer to the following link.

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Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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