Cairns smoke alarm installation tips and thoughts

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When talking about smoke alarm installation or upgrade in Cairns, what should we consider?

In our everyday jobs, there are some questions our clients always ask, so let’s talk a bit more on these frequently asked questions on the smoke alarm installation.

We summarize some of these questions on the smoke alarm installation.

  1. Which type of smoke alarms should I choose?
  2. Can I keep my existing alarms in my property?
  3. Will the wireless smoke alarms takes up my internet wifi usage?
  4. Will my interconnected smoke alarms talk to my neighbors smoke alarms?
  5. How often should I test and clean the smoke alarms?

The followings are the our replies to the above questions:

  1. Please choose AS3786:2014 compliant smoke alarms, and it can be hardwired or  RF wireless10 year lithium battery powered, and they need to interconnect to each other.
  2. It depend on if the existing smoke alarms are the right type of smoke alarms, they should be photoelectric, less than 10 years old and can interconnect to the new installs, and of course on the right location.
  3. Not really, the wireless smoke alarms are using Radio frequency connections, they are different from the WIFI, so no worries.
  4. For those hardwired smoke alarms, they only talk in their circuit.  For those wireless connection smoke alarms, we always set one smoke alarm as the “Master”, and we make the rest smoke alarms as the “Slaves” or “Branches”, so they are working in the certain group, and will not talk to other groups in other homes.
  5. We recommend you to clean and test the smoke alarms every month, to make sure the smoke alarms are clean and in working condition, so we keep them in best working condition.

We look forward to hearing from you. Keep safe!

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