2022 Qld new smoke alarms legislation introduction

As we are coming to the April, there are less than 9 months left till the Qld new smoke alarm legislation come into effect. What are the requirements for the smoke alarms installations? What is the new legislation about?

Wireless Interconnected smoke alarms

To make it easy to understand, we will talk about it in Q&As.

Q:When this new smoke alarm legislation comes into effect in Qld?

A:From 1st Jan 2022

Q: What are the requirements for the smoke alarms installation?

A: The interconnected smoke alarms must be installed in every bedrooms and adjacent hallways for the Dwellings being sold, leased or an existing lease is renewed in Qld.

Q: Which types of smoke alarms to install or upgrade in Qld under this new legislation?

A: Interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms, either wireless(with 10 year lithium battery) or 240v mains hardwired are good.

Q: Are study rooms or office for my rental properties need to upgrade?

A: Yes, they are considered to be bedrooms as well.

Q: Is this smoke alarm upgrade mandatory?

A: Yes, it is the the mandatory requirement.

Q: What about the owner occupiers, do we need to upgrade our smoke alarms by the deadline of 2022?

A:  Not really, the new legislation applies to the rental properties and properties being sold from 1st Jan 2022.In Qld, every home needs to upgrade their smoke alarms to be interconnected smoke alarms from 1st Jan 2027. But the interconnected smoke alarms are recommended for every home, as they are fast responding to smokes and will give more time to escape when there is a fire.

Q: What are the standards for the smoke alarms?

A: They should be compliant to AS3786-2014

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