What are the main causes of a beeping smoke alarm in Cairns?

Do you know ,what are the main causes for a beeping smoke alarm in Cairns? What can we do to reduce the annoying beeping alarms?

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We would like to share some of our experience on these beeping alarms.

  1.  A flat battery, the batteries in the smoke alarms can usually last for up to 1 year, depending on which type of batteries you have put in, however, due to different working conditions, they might last a bit shorter. so it’s a good idea to replace the battery when you see the certain lights on the smoke alarm is flashing showing the battery is flat, always keep and check the manufacture’s manual, so you could tell if a flat battery need to replace.
  2. High humidity, in Cairns, we proud of the tropical weather, however, the high humidity in the rainy season will be another cause of the beeping smoke alarms, usually when the humidity reach about 85-90%, the beeping smoke alarms might start, so keep a cool dry environment is very important to avoid these beeping alarms, you can either have a dehumidifier in place or have your air conditioning on the dry mode, a cool and dry environment benefit you health too.
  3. Insects, the most common insects want to dwell or pass through a smoke alarms in Cairns are geckos, spiders and ants. It’s not surprising to see some just hatched gecko eggs or a crawling spider in the smoke alarms, the smoke alarms will detect their movement and falsely trigger the alarms. So a routine clean of all the smoke alarms will effectively reduce the chance of beeping smoke alarms. Use a clean and dry cloth, spray a bit of insect repellent, gently wipe around the outside of the smoke alarms, so the insects would keep away from them. Good tips, the cloth could not be really wet.
  4. Dust, they are easily accumulated on the surface and the back of the smoke alarms, use a soft brush or a portable vacuum cleaner to remove the dust, make the smoke alarms tidy and healthy.
  5. Aerosol sprays, like perfume, insect repellent, air freshener, make sure you are not pointing directly to the smoke alarms, they will be detected as smoke as well.

There are other reasons might cause a beeping alarm, we just wrote the most common causes for a beeping alarm here in Cairns.

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Have a lovely day and keep safe!

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From 1st Jan 2022,  new smoke alarms legislation would be introduced in Queensland, that Interconnected smoke alarms must be installed in every bedrooms and adjacent hallways for the Dwellings being sold, leased or an existing lease is renewed. refer to the QFES website for more information for the 2022 upgrade.


Check out what can we can do to keep your properties under cover and to the latest legislation.


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    Thanks a lot for these great tips,we could do something to reduce the chance of faulty alarms. Thanks again ozsafe smoke alarms staff!

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