Cairns smoke alarm installation

Specified appointment time

Time is the most valuable asset for everyone, we will make a specified appointment time with our client and that’s the time we will follow. When you choose Ozsafe smoke alarms, you know when we will turn upand you don’t have to waste your precious time.

Communicate to make excellency

We will discuss with the landlords or the property managers the best way of the entry of the properties without interrupting anyone’s normal life. An SMS reminder would be sent to the tenants one day before the inspection.

The basic maintenence requirements and trouble shooting procedures will be explained with the tenants whenever is possible to keep the alarms healthy.

Cairns smoke alarm installation
Cairns smoke alarm installation

Shining service

We know your love with your properties, so do we. General vaccum cleanning works to remove the dust from the installation or the services.

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New legislation, more safety assured.

From 1st Jan 2022

QLD is taking the new legislation for smoke alarms that interconnected smoke alarms must be installed in every bedroom and adjacent hallways.

Check out how can we help you with the most affordable and manageable solutions on the changes.

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